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April 06, 2020

What we can do for our Startup Community, and personal update

Terry at the ICC
A few weeks ago, which seems like months ago, I was asked by someone in the South Australian government about what we could be doing for our startup community. I wrote this email, which has been turned into a blog post by the Innovation & Collaboration Centre at the University of South Australia.  

Please note the photo was taken before social distancing measures were put in place.  Australia was fairly quick to act so we have not been hit as hard as the US and other countries have been.  We're doing very well all things considered and I hope you are too.  We will get through this and if we don't let us at least enjoy what we can when we can and keep our heads about us in the process. 

A few years ago I started studying stoicism.  If you haven't looked at it closely, it's probably not what you think it is. It turns out a lot of the lessons I've learned in life the hard way where were written down thousands of years ago, and not just by the stoics. That's just the current source I'm looking at.

I signed up for the daily newsletter at dailystoic.com a few years ago, and this is an example of what I get.  Some days I read it, some days I don't, and other days I just look for the quote.  It's almost always helpful.

I hope you're well.





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