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October 28, 2016

The latest news, not from Australia

The latest news is not from Australia, though things are going great here and Spring is finally springing, but rather from Appleton, Wisconsin in the USA.

My son Christopher is a professional musician and I'm very proud of him, and a big fan.  He was named Wisconsin Singer-Songwriter of the year last year and he's a hardworking guy who is out there every weekend and a lot of week nights, while still being a great husband and father.  Yes, I am very proud.  Christopher and his wife Tori have done such a great job of raising a bright, fun, thoughtful young man and now my grandson Oliver is starting to get up on stage himself.  Here is a video of Christopher and Oliver together in the studio.  

If you want to sing along yourself, here's a version with the lyrics.  I had not thought about it until this morning, but this could be a good anthem for entrepreneurs.

Finally, because I can't get enough of watching my boy playing, here is a video from his latest album release party at the Rock Garden Studio with his band The New Old Things.

Christopher does a lot of benefit concerts, and his big Toy Drive is coming up soon.  He's also helping to raise money for musicforautism.org and you can support them by buying the audio track from the Roll On video above at http://christophergold.bandcamp.com/track/roll-on-feat-oliver-gold.  For more about Christopher Gold, check him out at www.christophergold.com where you'll find links to more videos, tracks and his blog.

Not to leave her out, but my daughter Amanda is doing great too.  More on her another time . . .




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