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May 01, 2014

The Internet of Things, and my new thing

My last blog post was November, 2013.  A lot has happened since then, and that’s a major understatement.  Since then we shut down Gold Systems - I’m not ready to tell that story, or even to say how hard it was to write that just now.  That’s for another time when I’m ready to tell the story.  But rather than just be quiet until then, let me tell you what’s going on right now.

My good friend Steve gave me a Raspberry Pi in December, and with the help of my other good friend Marty, I got lost in connecting my little computer to the world and learning to write code again.  It was thrilling to be back to my roots, working with Linux and actually learning how to connect sensors of all types to my little computer.  It was refreshing to not be working in a Microsoft world, and I formatted the disk of my last PC and loaded Redhat Linux on it.  (My wife just pointed out that she helped.  She knows Linux better than I ever will and I'm grateful to have in-house tech support.)  I had been making the move to Apple for some time, but for development I’m really enjoying playing with Linux.  And it hasn’t crashed once.

In March I had a chance to go to Adelaide and Sydney Australia to be a mentor at the ANZ Innovyz START technology accelerator.  This was my second trip to work with Janna Mathews and the great group of people in Australia, and it was just what I needed to get me thinking about what’s next for me.

While there I spent time with entrepreneurs who are working on 3D printing applications, Internet of Things projects, a game studio and several working to help educate people in entrepreneurship, technology and more.  Between the Raspberry Pi, what I learned in Australia, and my fascination with computers that connect, sense and interact with the world, I realized that my next thing would be very different than what I was doing at Gold Systems.


The Boulder entrepreneur community is a wonderful group of careing individuals and many have contacted me and spent time with me.  I am very grateful to you all, and I realize I am just getting started on reconnecting.  In particular, Herb Morreale, an old friend and the CEO of 6kites, spent time with me and we had many great conversations about entrepreneurship and what opportunities exist today.  We realized we both believed that what’s being called “The Internet of Things” could in fact be “The Next Big Thing.”  Herb invited me to spend time at 6kites and to help set up the 6kites Labs, so that I could research and experiment with new technologies while keeping an eye open for how this could be a new market for 6kites.  I am having a great time looking at the technology and opportunites, and I'll be doing regular blog posts now about what I'm finding.  If you are an entrepreneur involved with IoT, I'd love to hear from you.  

I just got back to Boulder from a trip back to Kentucky where I attended a board meeting for the International Bluegrass Music Museum.  We’re building a new museum as we’ve outgrown the old one, and I’m helping the board to look at new ways to display the artifacts and engage people with the music, and that even ties in a bit with the work I’m doing with Herb and 6kites.  Museums have moved beyond static displays and the experience is changing rapidly.  It’s an exciting and busy time for me even though I don’t really have “a job” at the moment.  I’m looking forward to seeing where the 6kites project goes and figuring out what I want to do next.  Perhaps something that ties together my love of music, technology, the Internet of Things and flying . . .

 Stay tuned, there's more to come . . .


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