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August 21, 2013

Sailing an Alien Sea now available at the Tattered Cover


If you've ever visited Denver, and you love books, you've probably been to the Tattered Cover Book Store.  When I first moved to Colorado I had never seen a bookstore like the Tattered Cover and I spent many hours in the old Denver store looking at, and buying, so many great books.

They now have three stores, one on Colfax, one in lower downtown and the third in Highlands Ranch.  If you haven't been, I have a reason for you to go - my wife's book, Sailing an Alien Sea, is now in stock at the Tattered Cover.  I think we're going to go down to Denver this weekend just to see it for ourselves!  Don't worry, if you buy the last one before we get there, we'll try again next week.

Seriously, it's a really good book and it is getting great reviews.  Out of respect for the Tattered Cover, I won't say where you can find those reviews right now, because if you're going to buy a book this weekend, go to your local book store and give them some love.  If you don't live in Colorado, that's OK, your local book store can order it.  That's Sailing an Alien Sea, by Cindy L. Gold, ISBN-13: 978-0988520004.

Disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this book to review, and most weekends the author buys me breakfast.  If she gets famous, (how many authors get rich after all?) I could possibly benefit from her success.  Mostly I'm just really, really proud of her ability to tell a great story.  The book is fiction, but it is loosely based on two people that I admire greatly.  One more disclaimer, the book is not about aliens or sailing.  It's a metaphor.  It does however show Santa Fe in a very different light than you might get from the Santa Fe Tourism website.  I hope one day they forgive her for that.  And because the book uses terms that you might not be familiar with unless you are from Santa Fe, such as Arroyo, Toolies, and Zozobra, Cindy has provided a glossery on her website here:  http://www.cindygold.net/?q=glossary

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