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July 13, 2013

My Wife, the Author

Sailing An Alien Sea book cover
In the past I have referred to my wife Cindy in this blog as "The person who prefers not to be blogged about."  I also refer to her as "The Saint" for putting up with me as an entrepreneur, particularly in the early days of Gold Systems.  Now, I can refer to her as "my favorite author."  Cindy's first novel, "Sailing an Alien Sea" is now available on Amazon.com in both paperback and Kindle versions, and it can be ordered from your local bookstore.  After almost five years of very hard work, she's got it done.

Through this process, I've read her novel four or five times and it just keeps getting better and better. Now of course you would expect me to be biased, but one reviewer compared it to "To Kill a Mockingbird."  Personally I couldn't get through that book, but I understand it did sell well. :-)

I hope you will check it out, and buy it, because the early days of a new book are critical in building momentum.  I know Cindy will appreciate it, and I will too, but I think you are really very likely to enjoy this book.  The early reviews (both published and otherwise) have been great.  It's a difficult book to categorize, so please just trust me and buy it.  She's already getting repeat sales from people who have read it and then bought copies for a friend or relative.

Buy it here on Amazon.com in either paperback or Kindle versions and check out her website at cindygold.net

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