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October 04, 2012

The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time


My old YPO buddy Verne Harnish has written a new book, and it is available today.  His previous book, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits is a favorite of mine.  After you read Built to Last and Good to Great, read Rockefeller Habits to learn how to opererationalize what you've just read.  I'm sure The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time will be fantastic, and the forward is by Jim Collins himself.  Every time I talk to Verne, he teaches me something and helps my business so I'll be ordering the new book first thing in the morning!

Before I got this blog post published, another book arrived in the mail from my other old YPO buddy Brad Feld.  This one is Startup Communities and it is the first in the Startup Revolution series.



Boulder would be a very different environment for entrepreneurs if both Brad and Verne had not come to town and decided we needed a YEO chapter.  (Now EO)  Thank you guys, you've really made a difference in the community and the world, and it has been my pleasure to know you both.  Brad's book is what he's learned about helping communities attract and support start ups, and I just started reading it on my Kindle.  I'm sure it's great too!

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