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May 23, 2012

ANZ Innovyz Start Accelerator


What's better than being asked to go to Australia for a week to mentor a bunch of start up entrepreneurs?  Getting selected to actually BE one of the start up entrepreneurs!

The ANZ Innovyz Start Accelerator, which is part of the Global Accelerator Network and "Championed by TechStars" has selected ten companies to meet up in Adelaide, Australia.  They will receive mentoring and support, and hopefully they will all grow into successful, job-producing, successful, cool companies. 

Most of the companies are from Australia, but one, Cipher This, is from right here in Boulder, Colorado.  I'm so excited to be participating as a mentor, and I thank Jana Matthews and all the other mentors who have made this possible.

Congratulations, and I can't wait to meet you in person this summer!

The 10 companies selected to participate in the 2012 ANZ Innovyz Start accelerator program include:

  1. Adelaide Baby Bargains:Free online marketplace for preloved baby & children’s goods, Adelaide, AU
  2. Be Intent:Online HR solution that measures mindset, staff engagement, optimizes people performance and delivers measurable productivity improvements, Auckland, NZ
  3. Captioning Studio: Speech to text, video search, web based captioning & subtitling, and tools for those who are deaf and hard of hearing, Adelaide, AU
  4. Cipher This: Software that automates the creation and integration of puzzles into any author's original content, Boulder, Colorado, USA
  5. ConfPlus: Mobile service to facilitate registering, scheduling, networking, and communicating at conferences, Madison, Wisconsin, USA and Beijing & Shenyang, China.
  6. Credit Key: A web ‘transaction brokerage’ service that vastly reduces the amount of time between the issue and payment of invoices, Adelaide, AU
  7. iStudent: recruitment of international students with on-line search and enrollment, Sydney, AU
  8. LEAPIN:Cloud-based Property Management System featuring 'smartphone room check-in' and a 'complete web check-in system for the accommodation industry', Adelaide, AU
  9. www.mysupervisoronline.com: On-line resource, support and networking site to assist Honours, Masters and PhD students, Brisbane, AU
  10. P2P Agri: Farm business management decision software, Adelaide, AU

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Braingate - turning thought into action

In the early days of Gold Systems, I joked that someday CTI would stand for "Computer Telepathy Integration" and we would just think about what we want to do on the computer and it would happen.  That was almost 21 years ago, and over the last five years I've been seeing signs that this will actually happen in my lifetime.  Or rather is happening.

The latest example was reported in the May 16, 2012 article by Benedict Carey in the New York Times Science section.  (You can try this link if you are registered on the site)  The article talks about the first published demonstration about how people with brain injuries have been able to control a prosthetic arm.  In other words, they can no longer control their own arms, but they are able to control a robotic arm, just by thinking about it.  This has been reported in Nature, and can be found here.

This technology is in the lab today, and requires "a tiny sensor about the size of a baby aspirin" to be injected just below the skull.  I've got to think a wireless sensor will come along at some point, and I hope that it will find its way into the real world quickly.

This photo says it all, which the New York Times credited to braingate2.org.  Be sure and check out the BrainGate website for more information about the technology and photos of the amazing team who is making this dream a reality. 



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