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February 29, 2012

8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees

Mike Gellman (@MGellman) at SpireMedia tweeted recently about an Inc. Magazine article, "8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees" by Jeff Hadan. I can always count on Mike to notice the interesting articles.  It's a good list, and I'll add one more at the end.

  1. They ignore job descriptions
  2. They're eccentric
  3. But they know when to dial it back
  4. They publicly praise
  5. And they privately complain
  6. They speak when others won't
  7. They like to prove others wrong
  8. They're always fiddling

And I'll add one more . . .

    9.  They fit the values of the organization.  Not the fake values that some companies put up on the wall to impress customers or to "motivate" the staff, but the real values that are core to how the company operates.  (As I was writing this, out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw Jim Collins, author of Built to Last.  Not in person, but on my other monitor where I had the Inc. article up.  When I looked, he was gone, which was kind of strange since it is his idea of Core Values that I'm referring to in number 9.  Turns out I wasn't seeing things, but rather Inc. has a rotator on their website of different Inc. covers, and he had rotated through.)



Check out the full article and details on each of the items here.

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