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June 21, 2011

Photo 5 Wow.  Twenty years ago today, Jim Fudge and I received the incorporation papers for Gold Systems.  But that's not quite the beginning of the story . . .

The summer before, Jim and I spent the day together at the Boulder Kinectics Race.  I tell you that because that was actually the day we decided to start the company.  We spent the day in the hot sun, eating junk food, and watching crazy people have fun.  That evening we talked about why we weren't having more fun.  The reason was that we had to go back to work on Monday at a big company, and Jim uttered the words that changed everything - "Let's start a company."

We started getting together after work to talk about it.  For me, I realized it was really going to happen when I told Jim that I had found a used AT&T 3B2 computer for sale on Netnews that we could use as our development machine.  He whipped out his check book, signed a blank check and handed it to me saying, "do it."  I was blown away, and it was the first of many selfless acts by Jim and many, many other people who helped to get Gold Systems to this anniversary.  (We didn't buy that machine, and I still have that blank check . . .)

This anniversary is about Gold Systems, and the people who've helped make it work.  Thank you all, I am truly grateful to have been a small part of this.

 Photo 1

The original founders, left to right:  David Appell, Terry Gold, Jim Fudge, Kevin Obenchain.  Not pictured, but also there from the early days was Kathy Bishop.  Thank you all for helping us get started!  Update:  Check out David's blog post.  Thank you David!

Photo 2 

Jim drew up the first business card design.  Note the email address.  The "at sign" had not been invented when we started Gold Systems.  The phone number was my home phone number at the time, which we still have as Gold Systems' main number. 

Photo 3 

At our open house, Vince Fresquez surprised us by having the company name put on the door.  Thank you Vince!

There are many more stories to tell, and many more people to thank.  Until then, please know that I appreciate everyone who has helped us to get to this day!


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