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May 20, 2010

Happy Talk from Jeff Thredgold

I've subscribed to Jeff Thredgold's newsletter for probably two years now.  He's an economist who can talk about economics in an interesting, entertaining and understandable way.  He's not afraid to give an opinion or to say when he has no idea how something is going to work out.  Twice a year he does a "Happy Talk" newsletter where he only reports good news - the rest of the time there is usually a balance between dark clouds and silver linings.  I always end up forwarding that issue multiple times as it comes up in conversations and people want to see the whole list of good news items.  This time around I emailed Jeff and asked permission to reprint a few, and he quickly replied that I could.  Check out his website here and subscribe to his free email newsletter if you like it.

I had a tough time picking the items to reprint here, so check out the list on Jeff's website.  To read the list click here.  Now for some good news:

Donations to charities were near the all-time high in 2008, with more than $307 billion donated by individuals, foundations, and corporations. As a percentage of GDP, Americans gave twice as much as the next most charitable nation…England

Smoke-free laws in restaurants, bars, the workplace, etc. reduced the rate of heart attacks by an average of 17% after one year in those communities where the bans had been adopted

The income of women worldwide is expected to rise by $5.1 trillion by 2013 to $15.3 trillion, an increase of one-half

U.S. exports to China have risen roughly 24% per year since 2001, making China the fastest growing market for U.S. goods

Violent crime declined 4.4% during 2009’s first half, versus the year before.  Violent crime overall is down nearly 60% since 1993, with violence by teens down 71%.  School violence has declined by half from a decade ago

Flexible work schedules are now the norm for 43% of workers, up from 29% in 1992 and 13% in 1985. This allows greater flexibility for more people, especially those with children

Thank you Jeff for allowing me to share your Happy Talk!

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