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January 20, 2009

President Obama Tests Microsoft Office Communications Server

A couple of days ago I realized that a lot of people were going to be late to work today so that they could stay home and watch the Inauguration, or they were going to come to work and watch CNN from their desktops.  The last thing President Obama needs on his first day at work is a big drop in the GDP, so I decided to stream the Inauguration into our main conference room for anyone who wanted to watch. 

At Gold Systems we now have most of our outbound calls, and many of our inbound calls routing via SIP trunks from Bandwidth.com over our Qwest Fiber 10mbps Internet connection.  Because of that, we were very curious to see how everything would hang together today during what was likely to be an Internet-bandwidth-saturating event.

We were streaming the video in the conference room, and I’m sure many people were watching from their desktops.  At the peak we saw 68% saturation of our internet connection, and phone calls via the SIP trunks were “clear as a bell” according to Ned.  I’m sure that a lot of Internet and communications systems got tested today, and I hope they held up as well as ours did.

Oh – someone needs to go write a Wikipedia entry for SIP Trunks.  Wikipedia thought I meant Swim Trunks.



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