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December 18, 2008

A great memory

Jim Fudge, my good friend and co-founder of Gold Systems has started blogging, and this week he wrote a post titled, “It was the Best of Times, it was the Worst of Times.”  He brought a smile to my face thinking about a nice moment, which by the way was wrapped up by one of our worst times in business.  It’s good to remember that even in the worst of times, people can do good things that are remembered long after the bad times have passed.

Someday I want to write more about the early days of Gold Systems, but for now I’ll say that the company would not be here today – would not have even got off the ground – if not for my friend Jim.  There were times I drove him crazy I know, but I’ll always appreciate his friendship, his optimism and his determination.

Read Jim’s blog here, and be sure and check out his photography too – he’s become a fantastic photographer.  So far he’s posted Colorado, New England, Glacier Park and some balloon photos that are really amazing.

DSC_6490 James Fudge IMG_9547 James Fudge


Photos by James Fudge (Available for purchase in the Gold Systems Art Gallery!)

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