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September 25, 2008

Business is good

One of the ways I deal with the stress of being an entrepreneur is I remind myself that no matter how bad it gets, life is good.  It works in my personal life too, and it is something I only got pretty good at a few years ago.  I've written something like this before, but let's face it, if you have the Internet access required to read this post, things aren't too bad.  You probably can read, as I don't post that many pictures.  You probably have a roof over your head and I'll bet you aren't too hungry, unless you're reading this at lunch while working.  That doesn't count.

I get down just like anybody else, but when I do, I try to remember (not always successfully) that most people would take my worst day in a heartbeat.

I've been reading a blog I found through a chance web search a few months ago.  It's very political at times, often funny and sometimes just has links to interesting photos or videos.  (If anyone is looking to hire a retired Denver librarian who has a sense of humor and can write and just wants a job that would offer a sense of purpose, check out Deborah's blog)  I saw this post and was reminded again about how fortunate I am as an entrepreneur.  There is a train that runs by my office, maybe 50 feet away, but I don't have to close up shop while it goes by like these entrepreneurs do.  Watch it to the end - they laugh about it. I admire them!




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