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June 04, 2008

Leaving comments in documents - how NOT to get funded

I know I'm going to be passing this story on in the future, so I'm saving it here.

Rick Segal, a blogger and VC in Canada tells a story about receiving a business plan from an entrepreneur who forgot, or more likely didn't know, to remove comments in the Word Document before sending it out.  I often look at documents that people send me to see if they have left comments in, or to see if the properties of the document contains anything interesting.  See Rick's post for the whole thing, but here are a few of the choice comments that he found in the business plan.

  • I'd delete this section since we don't have these features on the roadmap and haven't figured out how to code this unless you believe the investors won't catch this
  • VCs are typically stupid when it comes to this section so be prepared for a dumb question blizzard
  • Scratched out Beta is in 6 months replaced with code is out there now

I'm guessing these guys didn't get called in to do a pitch.  Word 2007 makes it easier to avoid this embarrassment. Press the Office button, then click Prepare and Inspect Document. Now if only Outlook would notice if a Word document is being emailed that hasn't been checked.

On a related note, just don't write anything that you don't want someone else to read.

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