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February 18, 2008

TechStars taking applications

If you are an entrepreneur and you read my blog, but not Brad Feld's blog - please go subscribe to his blog right now.  Wait - before you go - you should also check out the TechStars website too as time is running out to apply for this year.


Here's the deal with TechStars.  You have a great idea, and maybe even the business is up and running, but you don't really have the connections to people who can help you get to the next step.  Whether that's raising money, hiring people, negotiating deals - TechStars knows somebody who can and will help you.  According to Brad's latest blog about TechStars, eight of the ten TechStar companies from last year are either profitable or have received funding beyond TechStar's initial investment.

While TechStars is a for-profit venture, the mentors are volunteers.  You can't buy the kind of talent that is available to help you get going.  If you are an entrepreneur looking for a little bit of seed money and a lot of experienced help, check out www.techstars.org.

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I'd heard about the TechStars program a few weeks back and e-mailed a few of our clients about it right away. (We do business development training for the small business IT consulting industry.) However I meant to send a more broad-based alert to our full subscriber base.

In our industry, so many people make the mistake of thinking that it's all about WHAT you know as opposed to WHO you know.

Thanks for the reminder about the upcoming March 31st deadline.

Joshua Feinberg

Posted by: Computer Consultants Kit | Mar 3, 2008 11:34:24 AM