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January 23, 2008


Whenever someone leaves a thoughtful comment on my blog, I usually check out their company if they disclose it.  Since I get a lot of comments and emails from other entrepreneurs, I've seen many interesting companies that I wouldn't have heard about if not for my blog.

The most recent is graduatetutor.com.  When I was in college, tutors were other students who wanted to make a few bucks and they advertised by word of mouth or by putting handmade signs up on the bulletin board.  Now there's graduatetutor.com.  They connect tutors to students over the web, using voice over IP and application sharing, or an electronic white board as they call it. 

I like graduatetutor.com because they have a business that generates real revenue with each transaction, and they can draw from tutors around the world, and serve students around the world.  Right now they seem to be focused on just a couple of schools, but it looks like the business has the potential to scale.

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