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December 21, 2007

Tom Keller is blogging

My friend Tom Keller is blogging, and I know this because he asked if I was responsible for a quote that he wanted to use in his most recent post.  Years ago I said something like "building a business is a marathon, not a sprint."  Now I realize it is a series of marathons, and that perspective has helped me stay in the race.  Lots of entrepreneurs that I've met over the years, especially during the dot com bubble, quit after a year or two because they just couldn't keep sprinting.  I still sprint when I need to, but you can't sprint the whole marathon and expect to finish.  Check out Tom's post on keeping your work life balanced.

Tom wrote another post on "The Significance of Voluntary Transactions."  I love thinking about economics and how they make the world go 'round.  Tom takes on "Fair Trade Coffee" and "Sweat Shop Labor" and explains the economic view of them very well.  I hope Tom writes more along these lines and gives some ideas about how to make the world a better place, while working within the laws of economics.

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I am a start up entrepreneur and I wondered about this a long time. Being a fan of Sam Walton among other, I got a chance to meet the current CEO of Starbucks (i forget his name!). Anyway he had worked with Sam Walton and even led Kroger sometime. I asked him this question of work life balance and how he thought Sam Walton managed this and what his personal views were.

His answer was something like this. "there is no balance! work and life has to co-exist - for example I go to the baseball game and in between I sent out three emails on my BB to my VP HR!". Thinking about it more I remember in the book "Made in America" Sam Walton used to take family vacatins around the world and pull his family into countless stores to check out merchendise! A working day would include a few hours of tennis in the middle of the afternoon.

Another point of view is to not mix - work while you work and play while you play!

finally - my point of view is that you have to mix the above two in varying proportions!

Hope this helps!

Posted by: Senith | Dec 29, 2007 9:56:43 AM

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