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December 01, 2007

Last Ocean Project update

Gentoo_penguins_in_50mph_wind_3 John Weller left the Falkland Islands this morning on a Russian icebreaker, bound for a 38 day trip to Antarctica.  I've updated the Lastocean.org blog for John, and I'm expecting frequent updates and the occasional photo during the trip.  I wrote about the Last Ocean project in my post, One last place we haven't screwed up.

John's been camping within walking distance of four penguin colonies on Saunders Island for the last 12 days.  He called me yesterday to give me an update and he's very excited.  I'm still amazed at how quickly our world of telecommunications has advanced.  The call sounded as if John was next door, though there was a slight delay and it did cost $4 a minute.  He also said (after his first phone card ran out) that it took him fifteen minutes to get an outside line, but it's still amazing that it's even possible.  He also emailed me a couple of photos from an Internet cafe.  Shackleton wouldn't know what to think about all of this.

In my update on the Last Ocean blog, I mentioned my good friend Herb Morreale and his new blog about Domino Theory.  Check it out.  This is something Herb's been working on for years and once you get the idea, you'll be seeing Dominoes everywhere and wanting to be one yourself.

Here is another of John's photos - I can't wait to see the new portfolio.  Photographs are copyright John Weller, 2007.


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