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November 20, 2007

W3W3 Interview on Unified Communications

Larry Nelson, the co-founder of w3w3.com Media Network, and Mark Richtermeyer, the CEO of The Spitfire Group, interviewed me last week on the subject of disruptive technology and the effect unified communications is having on the enterprise.   You can find the audio interview here.

Unified communications is a term that means different things to different people, and it isn't brand new.  Companies like Avaya, Nortel, Cisco and many others have been working to bridge computers and telephones and all the different forms of communications.  When I left AT&T sixteen years ago, it was because I believed there was a place for a new company to help build that bridge. 

More recently Microsoft has made a big move into unified communications.  While I spent a lot of time talking about Microsoft in the interview, I also point out that this is a technology that is going to span across a lot of companies and it will create new opportunities for everyone.  My customers expect us to work with the network, the PBX, the databases and the desktops that they already have installed.  A rising tide floats all boats, and the tide is coming in!

Thanks Larry and Mark, it was fun talking to you both.

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