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November 29, 2007

Thank you DIA

It must be tough running an airport.  When things go well, people pretty much take the airport for granted, but when a big storm parks itself over the airport and shuts down flights or an airline has trouble keeping their commitments for departing and arriving on time, the people running the airport take a lot of heat.

I myself am a frequent flier, and I'm pretty quick to think I could do it better when things aren't working well.  I've heard myself say more than once, "If I were running the airport there would be plenty of power outlets and WiFi would be free."  I hate paying for 24 hours of access just to sync Outlook for five minutes before I jump on a plane.

The people running the Denver International Airport (DIA) must be listening to their customers, because months ago I started noticing that more power outlets were available and now according to an article in the Denver Post by Elizabeth Aguilera, DIA is offering free WiFi service.  Thank you DIA, and the next time my flight is delayed, I'll try to remember that you are trying to make traveling a little more convenient for people like me.

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