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November 19, 2007

Tech and Car Computer Update

I've been really busy - Gold Systems is having a record year and I'm just not getting as much time to play as I'd like!  Still, I get a lot of questions about the car computer project and other various gadgets that show up from time to time at my house, so I thought I would do a quick update.

  • Car Computer - I'm still stuck waiting for the touchscreen to ship.  It was mid-June when the Infill T3 died and I still haven't got the new machine ready to go.  I've got the computer (thanks Mp3car.com!) and it's hot - Dual Core, 4 gig of ram - but I'm still waiting for the touchscreen.  It's a new transflective device that is readable even in direct sunlight so I'm hoping it's worth the wait and the fabrication that Team FJ is signing up for to get it installed.  It should be here the first week of December.
  • Zune 2 - I ordered the new Zune months ago from amazon.com, and after a last minute delay, they emailed on Saturday to say it has shipped.
  • Chumby - What's a Chumby?  Find out at Chumby.com  It's on my kitchen counter right now but it could end up anywhere.  This is part of my quest to find an inexpensive, programmable, wireless-internet-connected device that I can use around the house.  This one might even have a place on my desk at work if I can hack it a bit.
  • Amazon Kindle - Brad Feld reminded me this morning in his blog that the Kindle was just released. Twenty minutes later, mine was on the way, scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. The Kindle is an electronic book, with some great inovations that just might make the idea work this time.  I read my first eBook on my Palm VII years ago, but the screen left a lot to be desired.  The Kindle is getting great reviews by people who've played with it, and people who haven't tried it seem to hate it.  I love my books, but I'd be happy to trade a few bookcases worth for a device that really works.  My favorite quote comes from Zoot, commenting at Gizmodo, who said, "Any nerd who, on seeing one of these for the first time doesn't just stand there playing with it and giggling uncontrollably for ten minutes has no soul."

That pretty much blows the gadget budget for awhile.  I'll do an update after Kindle determines whether I have a soul or not.

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