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September 29, 2007

Thanks Bren!

I've posted a lot of photos since I started my blog, and I've spent hours trying to get the text to flow properly around those photos.  I had just given up until I mentioned my problem in my last post.  Just a little while later Bren left a comment telling me exactly how to do it. 


If I've done it right, this text will appear below the photo.  It worked!  Thank you very, very much Bren!

Just to make it easier to find next time, or for anyone else having trouble with it, I've copied Bren's comment below:

When you are adding a photo in Typepad, after you’ve hit “Browse”, and have chosen your photo, don’t hit the “insert image” button yet. Instead, look under number 2: “Set Image Option”. Choose “Use Custom Setting”.

New settings will pop open. Make sure the box by “Wrap Text” is NOT checked (wrapping text is what makes your text show up alongside your photo instead of only underneath or above it). Instead, check the box by “Create Thumbnail”, and choose your pixel width (400 is about max). Now scroll down and hit the “insert image” button. (Doesn't matter if the "Pop-Up Window" box is checked or not.)

If you want to change a photo that is already in a published post, you’ll have to remove it and then re-insert it. Just do that with your “edit post” function.

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