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June 20, 2007

Car computer update

I'm taking a little vacation and so I'm on a road trip, though I'm staying connected.  Yesterday was a great day of driving.  Before leaving, I used my Zune Pass software on my car computer to download a couple of new albums and so I listened to music most of the way to my first stop.  I had wireless Internet almost continuously, so when I stopped at rest areas I was able to check email and IM people.  (I'll write more about that later.)

Unfortunately, the car computer died last night.  It's had a hardware problem for about a month but whatever was ailing it became terminal last night I think.  So . . . no more webcam updates for awhile.  I'm making this post the old-fashioned way - from a laptop at a Starbucks.  I'm hoping the company that I bought the computer from can help me out with my problem.  They've been great so far and this problem has not even made me think about going back to a dumb car radio.


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