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May 02, 2007

A new car computer in the FJ?

Marshall Harrison, the "Got Speech Guy", emailed me a link to a new car computer, called the HIPE PC that is on the market.  (Is HIPE PC a good name?  Sounds like Hype PC to me, but they have a great website that reminds me of Dell's)

I have yet to get my Infill T3 working the way I want it to, and this one looks like it could be a better option.  It's a lot more powerful - 2.33ghz processor, 2GB of memory, and a 200GB hard drive.  Plus it already runs Vista and it is built with more mainstream components than the Infill.  I also like that the computer is separate from the touch screen, so I could mount it in the back of the FJ, next to the Xbox Elite.

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You can send me the old one. :-)

It's good to see you blogging on the FJ again.

Posted by: Marshall Harrison - "the gotspeech guy" | May 3, 2007 12:25:46 PM

Terry, are you talking about having two car computers in your FJ or replacing the one you already have. I mean, knowing you, this is a perfectly reasonable question, don't you think? Curious minds want to know . . .

Posted by: Verna | May 4, 2007 10:43:54 AM