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April 05, 2007

Update and FJ Cruiser Car Computer Photos

I've been really busy lately.  If you are in the communications industry, you know that business is very good and that a lot is happening right now.  I'd love to have the time to comment on it all, but I just can't right at the moment.

I'm also getting a lot of emails asking what is going on with the FJ Car Computer project.  Besides not having much time, or a heated garage, I've been debugging a GPS problem.  The guys at mp3car.com just sent me a new gps receiver and I think that may have fixed the problem, so hopefully in the next few weeks I can move onto the next phase, which will include Vista, more speech recognition and more communications options. 

Without even trying I've got the top link for the search on fj cruiser car computer and I've made some new friends of people who are wanting to put a computer in their own FJ.  I'm still not ready to write a review of the Infill T3 computer, but I have dumped a bunch of photos in a directory if you want to see what the install looks like.  Sorry, I just don't have time to make this into a nice slide show right now.

I've also dumped my Treo and I'm trying the Motorola Q again.  So far I like that it doesn't hang or get slow like the Treo did.  Is there anything else out there that I should be looking at?  Yes, I'll try the iPhone when it comes out just to say I did, but I need more than 40 minutes of battery life.  (I don't believe the story either, so don't flame me please.)  I'm also not interested in a Blackberry.

I'm still loving my Zune, and the Zune Pass.  There are signs that both Zune and iTunes could one day be DRM-free, which seems to me to make a lot of sense.  (DRM - digital rights management - the stuff that frustrates honest people and does very little to stop real thieves.)  Remember the story about the guy in WWII who lived because he had a bible in his shirt pocket that stopped the snipper's bullet?  I will say that this guy will probably never trade his iPod for a Zune or any other mp3 player.

After figuring out why I was getting so many emails about the FJ Car Computer Project, I was curious about what other searches bring up my blog and I just discovered that I also have the top link for speech recognition entrepreneur.  Just so you don't think I'm taking this too seriously, I also have the top link for entrepreneur knitting needles tsa.  I'm going home now!

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