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February 01, 2007

Repost of Kansas City to Boulder webcam video

I've been asked to repost the Kansas City to Boulder web cam video that I made last year to YouTube.  While driving the FJ Cruiser from Kansas City to Boulder, I had a web cam running that was looking out the windshield.  Every minute a photo was captured, saved, and at the same time posted to my blog in real-time via an EVDO wireless Internet connection.  When I returned home, I took all of those photos and using Windows Movie Maker, I turned it into about a two minute move.

If you look closely, you can see a Landstar Truck (Hi Marshall), the Largest Prairie Dog in the World Place, the Colorado Border and a rest area just outside of Denver.  Also note that there are plenty of trees between Boulder and Kansas City.  As I said before, the drive was a lot of fun and I especially enjoyed getting off the interstate a few times and exploring the farm towns.  The GPS(s) made that easy.  It was also interesting to listen to the farm report on the AM Radio when I didn't have an Internet connection and couldn't listen to Internet Radio.

Here you go . . .

(Hmm, if you don't see the YouTube video above, then there must still be a problem.  Apparently I posted this just as YouTube took a digger.  I can't access this video or the YouTube site now, though everything else is working fine.  It could be a problem on my side I guess, but if not . . . Wait - YouTube is now working, just not my video.  Here's a link to the Soapbox posting, which still seems to be working fine.  While debugging this, I did enjoy the Zebroshow's reporting of the Boston Terror Scare today.)

For more information on the FJ Cruiser Car Computer project, click here.  Unfortunately I've been too busy, and there's just been too much snow for me to do much to it lately.  It has been great to have the FJ in all of this snow though!

P.S. The music is by Most Tuesdays

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