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January 27, 2007

Values in the Board Room

(This is an older post that I left as draft accidently.  It still applies - I believe most boards are made up of decent people trying to do the right thing, despite what we see in the press.)

I don't really have a board room but I have a great board of directors. (The only board member who reads my blog wasn't able to attend today so I'm not sucking up) It was a great board meeting with a lot of energy, good ideas, good cookies and something the average person on the street probably doesn't expect from a board - a discussion about values and integrity.

A topic was discussed and it quickly turned into a discussion about what was "right" as opposed to what was best for the company. Now I believe that what is "right" is also best for the company, at least in the long term, but I was very happy to see my board as committed to our values as the rest of us.

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