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January 26, 2007

I'm OK

I just received an "Are you OK, I haven't seen a blog post in awhile" message from my friend Marshall at GotSpeech.Net.  It's nice to be missed, and yes everything is fine.  I should explain that my entrepreneurship postings have been going up at the Kauffman Foundation's eVenturing site.  The Kauffman Foundation is a wonderful organization that makes the world a better place by improving education and supporting entrepreneurs.  I was asked to be their entrepreneur blogger last year, so this blog has leaned more towards tech, with a lot more pictures according to one local media person.

I do have some stories to tell, and I will get them posted this weekend.  Here's a quick one though.  I'm a big believer in organizations like YPO and YEO (Now just called The Entrepreneurs Organization or EO), but I'm no longer a member, so late last year I convinced a small group of local entrepreneurs to get together at a local pub.  We had a great time, despite the fact that there seemed to be some sort of play-off kind of game on all the TVs and people around us would just start screaming for no apparent reason.  We left when the screaming became non-stop.

So now it is time for another get-together, and one of the folks sent this email:

The purpose: to discuss how great it is to run a business (sometimes) and how exhausting it is to run a business (sometimes), sort of like raising a kid but just a little bigger though it throws up on you about as often (but who would have their life any other way). And of course to drink a beer or two, eat some pizza and talk with people of similar interests and life journeys.

That pretty much sums it up.  Have a great weekend!

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