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December 30, 2006

WiFi Fridge

I got so excited when I saw this that I dropped my phone and my memory card popped out and flew under a washing machine. This is a pretty common reaction I think.

On the right door is a TV display. I'm not sure if it is HD. The small display on the left is where you set up the wireless connection, get recipes off the internet and view your photo albums.

I wonder if I could hook up the Xbox to it?

Update 1 The fridge is made by LG and it has already been discontinued from Smarthome.com.  It only has one connection to the display, and it is Coax, so you could connect an Xbox, but the resolution wouldn't be good and you'd need a switch to be able to watch TV or a DVD.  It's a nice Version One by LG.  Being able to get the day's weather is something I've always wanted to do with a refrigerator, and the Aniversary Reminder feature is a nice touch.  I can't wait to see Version Two.

Update 2 This is a video of the fridge.

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