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November 10, 2006

Where did iTunes go???

This afternoon I tried to start iTunes on my home computer and discovered that the icon that I keep in my task bar has gone missing.  Same for the Start Menu icon.  Digging deeper, I found that the executable is gone too, though the DLLs and my music are still there.

Now I remember that the new auto-update process kicked in last night to update iTunes and Quicktime, so maybe it failed.  Either that or iTunes has figured out that my new Zune will arrive next week.  Apparently some new sites will be launched with the Zune.  Check this one out and click on the tall robot.  The people-eating gumby creatures are fun too.

Update:  I guess I won't be reinstalling iTunes after all, or at least not easily.  In case you can't read the text of the error message below, it says "A later version of iTunes is already installed.  Installation of this version cannot continue."


Update 2:  Video iPod for sale.  Available late next week.

Update 3:  The new updater doesn't actually run the install program.  My shortcuts didn't point to the install program so they didn't run the install program as iTunes expected.  When I noticed that the installer had created new shortcuts, I was able to complete the installation.

Update 4:  Video iPod still for sale, available late next week.

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Cool robot video! So why get a Zune? What made you do it?

Posted by: Verna Wilder | Nov 11, 2006 12:39:46 PM

Now you are REALLY looking forward to the pending arrival of your new Zune. If it makes you feel any better, my phone has officially DIED! I ran out of memory, too. :( Video iPod/Verizon XV6700...meet eBay.

Posted by: Angela | Nov 12, 2006 10:09:15 AM

A lot of reasons, but one is the built in WiFi. I think (totally a guess) that we will see this used in more ways than the initial release is set up for. Maybe I'll be able to use it as an audio/video source for the FJ without actually plugging it in, or maybe it will connect wirelessly to my Xbox 360. Mostly because it is new and shiny. :-)

Posted by: Terry Gold | Nov 13, 2006 11:31:29 AM