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October 09, 2006

Online on the Road Again

To be called a "Fellow Nerd" by Tom Evslin is pretty cool, but then he goes on to explain better than I did why it matters that I was able to listen to Internet Radio on my drive to the airport last week.  Be sure and read his posts Internet 2.0 is Open Spectrum and We Do Need a Gigabit Over the Air.  I also just rediscovered his post Backstory on Open Spectrum Epiphany.

Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Tom is the author of Hackoff.com and he kicked off My Way, The Entrepreneur Network which immediately began to lose focus after he asked me to join.  To quote Tom, "You can't herd cats or entrepreneurs but you can aggregate blogs.  Participants in this network are experienced company founders who post about the joys, pains, and hard-earned lessons of startups - and whatever else is on their mind."  I guess the "whatever else is on their mind" part covers my posts about speech recognition, the FJ Car Computer project and an upcoming post on WiFi Rabbits and why they are even more important than Internet Radio.


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Can I get one of these for my garden? It is so CUTE! What does it do?

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