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August 26, 2006

Phase Two of the FJ Project Begins

The computer for Phase Two of my FJ Project arrived this week.  I was planning to build a computer that would probably live in the glove compartment connected to an LCD touch-screen in the dash, but a new product recently was released that changed my mind.  I now have an Infill T3 from Korea that has been imported and set up for the U.S. market by mp3car.com and streetdeck.com.  They are actually (I think) two arms of a single company with mp3car.com being the storefront for anything having to do with car computers and streetdeck.com being the software development group for the front-end software that is installed on the T3.

The box arrived a little beat up, but inside it was lined with Styrofoam and everything seemed OK.

Inside were two boxes and a lot of individually packed parts.



Hmm, I must have missed the installation manual, or any documentation for that matter.  After going back through the boxes, I thought "Maybe there is an online manual", and then found the note on the website, and I quote exactly as it is written, "Installation mannuals will be comming soon"  Woody, I think I may need a hand with this . . .  (To be continued . . .)

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Hah! And I'll bet you can hardly wait for that "mannual" to arrive! It will be so helpful, don't you think? Probably clear everything right up. Right. Sigh!

Good luck, Terry. You are a braver soul than I!


Posted by: Verna Wilder | Aug 27, 2006 5:41:50 PM

When your done the projet I`m going to have to buy the same stuff, because I love the FJ CRUISER and I`ll have to buy the computer too.
Good Luck e-mail([email protected]) me when your done!

Posted by: Rehan | May 18, 2007 4:36:13 PM