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July 04, 2006

Great PocketPC navigation applications

I just discovered a great application for my Treo 700w Windows Mobile Device.   Virtual Earth Mobile (VEM) is a tiny mapping application that connects wirelessly to Microsoft's MSN Virtual Earth.  Moments after downloading the app directly to my phone, I was typing in addresses and getting directions.  I've tried other applications that required me to load maps to the phone, and I never had the right map when I needed it. This application gets all of its data from MSN, so there are no maps to load.

It also seems to work world-wide which is a lot of fun.  I typed in "Spain" into the find field, and got a map of Spain.  Besides viewing maps, a click of the stylus will overlay aerial photos.  Give it two addresses and it will give directions formatted for the small screen of a mobile device.  You can even find local points of interest such as "restaurants."

If you happen to be reading this from your Windows Mobile Device, you can get the CAB file direct from http://www.viavirtualearth.com/VVE/Gallery/VEMobile/VirtualEarthMobile.cab

The developer, Jason Fuller, not only has released this as freeware, but he's made the source code available too!  I think this is going to be one of my favorite applications.  Thanks Jason!

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