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July 14, 2006

Former Gold Systems building for lease

Some of my fondest memories of Gold Systems are from when we were located at 4865 Riverbend Road.  Long before starting the company I used to drive by the office park and think how cool it would be to work in those buildings, and it actually happened.  4865 was the second building we were in, and it was brand new at the time.  Jim and Jeanne Fetterman designed and built two of the buildings in the office park and they did a great job.  Our building had several balconies and it was a lot of fun to have meetings outside.  More than one snowball fight was started from the balcony too.

I don't care for Class A space, but I want people to feel good about where they work and it helps if it is interesting too.  This building was reasonably priced but very nice.  For a small company the building couldn't be beat.

Jim just emailed me and said there is space available again in the building, and the one next to it.  If you need about 3,000 square feet or less in Boulder, Colorado, be sure and check it out.  It's great space and Jim was a wonderful landlord.  He was always quick to do maintenance and when we broke the water line pulling fiber between the buildings and had to backhoe up his brand new parking lot, he was very gracious and understanding - but that's another story for another day.

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