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June 28, 2006

Happy Anniversary Gold Systems!

Happy Anniversary Gold Systems!  Last week was Gold Systems' fifteenth anniversary and I want to thank everyone who helped make it possible.  There are many, many people who contributed to the success of the company.  Past and present employees, partners, customers (lots of customers!), investors, friends and family.

I have to name two people because if not for them I know Gold Systems would not exist today.  My good friend and co-founder Jim Fudge uttered the words "Why don't we start a company" and then put all is energy and money into making it a reality.  If not for him, we never would have started.  My good friend and spouse, who prefers to remain nameless in my blog, kept me going when I wanted to quit, put more than one $20 bill in my pocket when I was broke and generally has been a good sport about going along for the roller-coaster ride.

There are many other people who deserve thanks and who have been critical to our success.  Thank you!


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