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December 14, 2005

Help Wanted

Gold Systems is looking for a few great people.  In particular we're looking for a Regional Sales Manager for our Northwest territory.  We need someone who either already lives in the Pacific Northwest or is willing to relocate at their own expense.  The details are here.  We're also looking for an experienced Support Engineer, and we're not going to trust our customers to just anybody, so we need somebody really, really good with the right ideas about customer service.

Some of the best people at Gold Systems have come from referrals, either from people who work here or people in the community who know something about our culture.  I'd love to hear from you if you have the qualifications or know someone who does.

We're not for everybody.  We're customer focused to a fault sometimes.  We work in a niche that is exciting (Speech Recognition) but everyone is surprised at how different it is from other areas of technology.  If you already are in the business, or you really like a steep learning curve with a cool technology, then it might be the right place for you.

If you like the high-energy excitement of a cube farm where you know all about your neighbor's medical problems and their troubles finding a good baby-sitter, because you can hear everything going on in a five-cube radius, then Gold Systems isn't for you because everyone here gets their own office.  (Except for Lori, and she has her own skylight.)  Of course, remote people usually work out of their homes, so in a way they still get their own office and no one cares how they dress.  Not that we care very much anyway.  Ties are only worn under duress when we visit customers who are also forced to wear ties, so we wear them to show our support for their plight.  Otherwise shorts and t-shirts are just fine.

We hire nice people who get their jobs done.  When we screw up and hire someone who just pretends to be nice in the interview, they don't tend to last long.  We have a lot of people who have been here five years and even ten years, so we don't expect people to work 80 hours a week until they burn out and quit.  People do work hard, and sometimes late nights and weekends are required, because our customers tend to pick strange hours to try out new software.  But we give a generous amount of vacation and we do our best to maintain some balance in our lives.

We have an amazing customer list, and with a few exceptions, they love us.  If this sounds interesting, check out the link above or our general help wanted page.  And I don't know who's photo that is on the "Letter from the CEO" page.  I interviewed for the part, but I guess they decided I didn't look enough like the typical CEO.  That's fine, I never aspired to that anyway.

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