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April 27, 2005

Careful what you type

Matt Hines from CNET News.com reports as published on ZDNet that people who mistype google.com are being redirected to another site full of "Trojan Horse Threats, spyware and backdoors."  I won't repeat the link here, but it is a variation on the spelling of google that anyone might make when they are typing fast.  Be careful, there are bad guys out there.

By strange coincidence another email arrived in my inbox today from Greg Richardson at Cheetah International (they do computer aided transcription - cool stuff).  Greg pointed out that you have to be careful typing www.terrygold.com too.  I get called Jerry a lot, so I'm not surprised that sometimes people wind up at jerrygold.com, but I was very surprised to see who my counterpart in the Netherlands is.  I don't read Dutch, so I don't know exactly what he does but his logo sure beats mine!  I wonder if his fans ever get to my site by mistake and wonder why he's talking about entrepreneurship and speech recognition?

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He's a singer/entertainer. Perhaps a distant cousin?
A grabled translation:

With its fascinating voice Jerry gold was promoted
in the past year with numerous international Show Events to the celebrated public favourite.

Its dragging along performance and the versatile
Buehnenshow remain also by its original stage Outfits and the singular composition of its songs
in firm memory.

Valeria Belmondo and Susan Delamar enrich this unique Showprogramm with their sexy power in dance and singing.

Posted by: Don | Apr 27, 2005 2:26:12 PM

hello Terry! i landed on your site today...
isn,t that funny?
i am a dutch man working most of the time in germany.
may be i can perform and entertain you and your friends someday???
wish you all the best and a great 2007


Posted by: jerry gold | Dec 16, 2006 10:20:48 AM

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