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March 16, 2005

New MouseDriver Chronicles site

Several people noticed that my links to the MouseDriver site were broken.  (Thanks)

Kyle Harrison and John Lusk both responded to my email asking what had happened and they let me know that they've transferred the MouseDriver domain to the new owners of the company, but they've saved the the original site and newsletters.

So, if you want to buy a computer mouse that looks like a golf club, check out www.mousedriver.com, but if you want to read the story about how two guys fresh out of MBA school started a traditional company in the middle of the dot com boom, check out www.mousedriverchronicles.com.  I suggest you just buy their book - The Mouse Driver Chronicles - if you are tired of the typical business book or the "business lessons wrapped up in a lame parable" genre, get this book because it is the real stuff.  It will take you on their roller coaster and give you a good feel for what it is really like to be an entrepreneur.  If you are already an entrepreneur, you'll enjoy watching someone else ride the roller coaster for a change!

I just noticed that all of the newsletters that they wrote as they built the company are available as a single pdf here.  I looked at it enough to realize that is different from the book and well worth reading on the flight home today.  Thanks John and Kyle for sharing your story!


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