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March 03, 2005

Inventing Your Future Markets - YPO Entrepreneur Event

I just spent the day at an event put on by the Rocky Mountain and Colorado Chapters of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and the University of Colorado Leeds School of Business.  In addition to YPO members there were WPO and CEO members there.  I'm a big believer in entrepreneur peer groups, and these are some of the best.  Everywhere I turned today there was someone to learn from, so it would have been a great day even if the speakers hadn't shown up.

I'm going to do a separate post about each of the speakers, because I got something great out of each of the presentations.  I'd like to share what I heard, but also hopefully by writing about it, more of it will be there for me on Monday morning when I go back to the office and try to put some of the lessons learned to work.  That really is the test of an event like this.  If you just feel better for a couple of days, it's not worth the time but if you go back and make even one good idea work, then the time invested can be repaid many times over.

So far we've seen Frances Hesselbein, Dipankar Chakravarti, General Charles C. Krulak (ret), Geoffrey Smart, Bala Balachandran, David Stoup and Lisa Ford.  All have been amazingly successful in different ways and each gave a great presentation today.  More later . . .

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