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February 03, 2005

It's a great day to be an entrepreneur

(Except that I just lost my post by hitting the back button on my mouse) It was a great day to be an entrepreneur!  Every Thursday I have an operations meeting with my team where we look at lead generation, sales and projected revenue.  We also discuss any tactical issues that we need to work on together.  Today was an almost perfect meeting!  We learned that we were more profitable than we expected last year, that we had a good January and that the quarter is looking just fine.  We can always improve and there's still work to do, but it was a good meeting.

Next I had lunch with an entrepreneur friend of mine, Mike Gellman, who founded Spiremedia.  Mike and a friend founded the company during the dot com boom to do web design.  Like about a million other guys.  And like all the others, when the bottom fell out, his business got hurt.  That's probably an understatement.  I watched Mike stare into the abyss.  He was such an optimist that myself and others who were close to him worried that he had completely lost touch with reality.  (Pretty common in entrepreneurs) He had a great product and Spire was really more than a web designer, but man, that world was collapsing all around him. 

Even though he was struggling to keep his own business together, he drove up to Boulder one day about a year and a half ago to have lunch with me.  The bust was hurting us too and I was having a dark day.  You can't be around Mike without having some of his energy rub of on you, and he's one of the people who helped me keep going through a tough time.  I really appreciate it.  His business is doing great today and I have great respect for his ability to keep going, to learn from his mistakes.  He's now a year older than I was when Jim and I started Gold Systems 14 years ago - he's going to do great things.

Shameless plug:  Visit SpireMedia.com if you want more than just another web designer.  He's now got a client list that looks like a Who's Who list and his team produced the first web page using flash that I thought was worth the bits to look at.  If nothing else, you've got to check out his Ant Farm.  I've been listening to the music track while writing this and that alone is worth taking a look.  Click on some of the little people to see who helped get SpireMedia through the bust as a survivor of the dot com era.  Disclaimer: I was once on Mike's advisory board, but except for him buying lunch today, I was never compensated and my only interest is to see a great bunch of people make it big.

At the end of my day today, I saw some people in my company "do the right thing."  We had an employee who's since left the business who is having a tough time.  These people cut him some slack and today I saw a very nice, and very classy thank you note from him.  There have been many days this past few years where I would have much rather been anything but an entrepreneur, but today was a very good day to be an entrepreneur.

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