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December 04, 2004

TelePodcasting Part 2

In my previous post I said "I think I've invented something - comments please!"  I went on to describe an idea I had for making it easy to create PodCasts using nothing but an ordinary telephone.  Maybe the term TelePodcasting is new, but others have clearly thought about this already.

Daniel Gerges left a comment saying that his company had developed a capability to post MP3 files to their website.  I found a few other references to this, so wrapping them up in RSS is just a slight improvement that makes it possible to automatically turn the recordings into PodCasts.  I like to check out the websites of people who comment and got a real treat at Daniel's blog.

Daniel has written Should you open source your ideas? and he used my TelePodcast post as kind of a case study.  Open Source Ideas - check out Daniel's post.  I felt like a rock star when I realized he had also picked up on my post about vacations.

Derek Scruggs of Fanprints (check it out!) pointed me to Instant Audio and suggested I send a link to Adam Curry, who is a Big Name in broadcasting and an active PodCaster.

Jim Curry of Whole Wheat Radio pointed me to OpenPodCast.org who has had a call-in capability, though it doesn't seem to be in service right now.  I spent a couple of hours this morning listening to Whole Wheat Radio.  It's great, and it is another example of how the Internet is changing the world.  Jim's inspired me to figure out how to stream music throughout my house because I kept listing to "just  one more song" and didn't want to leave my computer this morning.

So what have I learned?  When I was a developer I learned to not be too quick to blame another's code, because as sure as I did, I found the bug in MY code and looked stupid for pointing the finger at someone else.  I *may* have come up with a new term, and a slight twist on other good ideas.  I don't think I've invented anything.  The idea may still be worth pursuing and my first experiment with Open Source Ideas has been great.

At Gold Systems we focus mostly on applications, though we do have one product that is more of an infrastructure product.  I think the power of TelePodcasting will be in the applications that can be built with the concept to solve real problems.  That's what I'm going to be spending my time thinking about.

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