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November 12, 2004

My first post

Brad Feld has been after me for awhile to jump on the blog bandwagon.  Since he was the guy who got me to build my first website, it is appropriate that he got me into blogging.  It was J.B. Holston, the CEO of Newsgator who pushed me over the edge though by convincing me that there was more to this than just a million voices rambling on about trivial subjects.  Sounds like the beginning of the web, and that turned out to be pretty signficant.

So my first task is to figure out how to move my personal website to my blog.  My first observation is that this is still not an easy thing to do, but I expect that companies like Newsgator are going to make blogging a lot more accessable and that this really could be The Next Big Thing.  We're already looking at how we can use RSS to improve communications at Gold Systems. Technorati Profile Technorati Profile

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Hey! Welcome! It took a rare trip east for Brad to convince me!

Posted by: Jenny Lawton | Nov 14, 2004 9:13:41 PM